Either with our powerful web UI, or our Excel format for expert users, create surveys that are as complex as needed and add the necessary intelligence to trust the collected data.

Manage & Deploy

Easily configure the users you will work in the survey. Collect data in the field using our powerful Android App or use the web. Data collected is immediately updated on your dashboard.


Capture surveys with the Crystal Surveys App for tablets and phones. The app marks the geolocation of each new survey that is created in real time, it also records the dialogue in order to provide total legitimacy in each survey. You can create surveys without the need to be connected to the internet.


Use our powerful integrated reporting and analysis system to get insights on the collected data. You can also export raw data to analyze it with external tools.

“Initially we wanted to develop an online tool to gather technical test results in a tablet application. The tool would also calculate automatically the final results based on various variables. However, we realized that the survey platform built by Artexacta (Crystal Surveys) with its possibility of analysis and recalculation of values is much more powerful and we will use it for any kind of survey and routine monitoring task coming up within our program. This will increase our speed when carrying our surveys and as well will eliminate errors. The time of paper questionnaires is finally over!”

— Tim Raabe, Asesor Técnico Gestión de Conocimiento y M&E – Energising Development - Deutsche Gesellschaft für Internationale Zusammenarbeit (GIZ) GmbH
Add intelligence to your surveys and trust your data
Because businesses cannot wait for slow-cooked surveys

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